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Oscar Wildes The Picture of Dorian Gray Essay Example

Oscar Wildes The Picture of Dorian Gray Paper Oscar Wildes The Picture of Dorian Gray tells the story of corruption and how it can easily spread. It focuses strongly on art and decadence and it definitely alludes to degeneration and decay throughout. Characters, especially Dorian Gray, often focus on beauty as the leading quality in the world. He also forms a double life, much like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, in the sense that has a more civilized public life with a malicious, corrupt secret life full of sin. One of the major gothic topics displayed in this text portrays civilizations lapse into corruption and barbarism while seeming still civilized on the surface. The story begins with Basil Hallward, a somewhat successful artist, painting a portrait of Dorian Gray. Basil completely worships the beautiful, pure, young Dorian Gray, and in fact even admits it to his close friend, Lord Henry. Basil paints such a vivid picture of Dorian that he convinces himself that he has put some of his own soul into the piece. This alludes to the somewhat supernatural qualities of the painting. Basil explicitly explains that he doesnt want Henry spoiling Dorian Gray, but nonetheless fails to prevent the two from meeting. Lord Henry immediately starts exerting his infectious influence on Dorian Gray. We will write a custom essay sample on Oscar Wildes The Picture of Dorian Gray specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Oscar Wildes The Picture of Dorian Gray specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Oscar Wildes The Picture of Dorian Gray specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Dorian is astonished at how beautiful he looks in the portrait, but instantly starts to panic with his newfound Lord Henry outlook: Lord Henry Wotton is perfectly right. Youth is the only thing worth having. When I find that I am growing old, I shall kill myself' (26). After meeting Henry, Dorian sees the portrait as a mockery and immediately wishes for it to age and decay in his stead. This incident marks the beginning of Dorian Grays downward spiral into corruption and malice. Another intriguing detail to note about this quote relates to its foreshadowing content. Dorian mentions killing himself, which he ultimately does at the conclusion of the plot. He attains everlasting youth and beauty and still ends up slaying himself, only to return to a decayed hideous form. Dorian Grays first major act of tyranny pertains to his first love, Sibyl Vane. Sibyl Vane dazzles her audience and captivates Dorian Gray with her marvelously whimsical performances on the stage. Dorian becomes infatuated with her acting as an art, rather than her as an actual person. Sibyl, much like Dorian prior to corruption, is innocent and naive towards real life and real emotions. She lives her life through the stage and feels more alive as her characters than she does in the real world. Dorian, Dorian, she cried, before I knew you, acting was the one reality of my life. It was only in the theatre that I lived. (74). After coming into contact with Dorian, she realizes true love and begins to see her true world on the theatre as nothing more than a farce. Her realization of authentic emotions corrupts her art and she no longer possesses her beautiful eminence. The corrupting taint that eventually encompasses the life of Dorian Gray begins to manifest itself with the ruining of Sibyl Vane. Sibyls inability to continue her marvelous performances on stage infuriates Dorian Gray and he breaks her heart by basically calling her worthless. He leaves the girl with nothing but his harsh words. This devastating incident causes Sibyl Vane to commit suicide, and the first stain of degeneration that should have marked Dorian Gray, shows up on his portrait instead. The Picture of Dorian Gray contains several interesting incidents of foreshadowing. Basil remarks to Lord Henry quite early on in the story that Dorians good looks will most likely cause severe tragedy in the future. Indeed, I should be sorry to look like him. You shrug your shoulders? I am telling you the truth. There is a fatality about all physical and intellectual distinction, the sort of fatality that seems to dog through history the faltering steps of kings (7). Obviously this premonition by Basil comes true as Dorians looks eventually become the sole driving motivation for his vindictive actions, and eventually drive him to self-destruction. The other intriguing note is that Basil claims to have put himself in the portrait of Dorian Gray. Thus one could derive that this indicates a similarity to Dorian and could explain his demise as well. Another part of the novel that seemed so dreadfully obvious that I almost pinpointed its exact occurrence, pertains to Basils untimely murder by Dorian Gray. The story reveals on page one that Basil would most likely be murdered, and since Dorian Gray is the protagonist, I assumed that he would be the executioner. Basil Hallward, whose sudden disappearance some years ago, caused at the time, such public excitement, and gave rise to so many strange conjectures (1). Oscar Wilde would not have put this line into the text if we were meant to presume that Basil would eventually pass away peacefully due to old age. A sudden disappearance in a gothic story typically alludes to a murder or death. As for the actual assassination scene in the novel, Wilde spent time describing the particular night just prior to the incident, as a cold, foggy night and mentions that Dorian tries to avoid interacting with Basil in several ways. This attempt at avoidance already brings about a sense of tension. Once inside the mansion Basil repeatedly irritates Dorian with preaching which helps to increase the anxiety. Basil reveals that he was meant to catch a train to Paris later that night and points out that he has missed it. This provides Dorian Gray with an alibi as well as a period of time before Basils disappearance will be noticed. Dorian becomes increasingly agitated until he eventually sets the series of events into motion with a crazed sensation: A bitter laugh of mockery broke from the lips of the younger man. You shall see it yourself, to-night! he cried, seizing a lamp from the table. Come: it is your handiwork. Why shouldnt you look at it? (129). This quote shows that Dorian blames Basil for the corruption as well as Dorians malicious determination to suddenly show it to him. Dorian had always been dreadfully frightened at the notion of someone seeing the corruption of his dual life, and yet with the increased confrontation almost instantaneously determines to show Basil. Once Basil naively agrees to follow Dorian, I knew that he would soon meet his demise. No living soul has ever seen the corrupted version of Dorians portrait aside from Dorian, and it seemed highly likely that it was going to remain that way. Dorian Gray continually attempts to maintain a civilized front in his public life despite his increasingly tarnished dual life of sin. The magical properties of the portrait allowed his true self to be hidden on the canvas while he paraded around in a beautiful serene guise known to the public. He continually endeavors to maintain his fraudulent civilized appearance by dressing luxuriously as an aristocrat and attending fancy dinner parties with other civilized people. And yet his true contaminated self persistently acted out in barbarous ways. He murders Basil Hawthorne in a barbaric rampage, and then attempts to cover up the entire incident by blackmailing a former colleague, Alan Campbell, whose life has been ruined by Dorians corrupting influence. This wicked deed for self preservation forced upon Alan eventually places so much pressure on Alan that he eventually commits suicide, thus bringing the known Gray murder rate to a total of three. Dorian enjoys the malevolent sensation in private and feels the pleasure of his barbaric double life. Eventually Dorian Gray requires frequent trips to the opium dens of London to erase the barbaric incidents from the mind of his untainted body. Although the corrupted incidents remain as physical memoirs on the portrait that reflects Dorians secret barbaric dual life, the opium attempts to wipe clean the mind of the pure, civilized life represented by the physical body that he shows to the public. When Dorian finally confronts his savage life and attempts to dispose of the portrait by barbaric means, the two lives merge and Dorian ends up killing himself via the same means as he murdered Basil. The civilized life is ended while attempting to end the barbarous life, showing which one truly prevailed.

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Epideitic Speech on Overpopulation Essays

Epideitic Speech on Overpopulation Essays Epideitic Speech on Overpopulation Paper Epideitic Speech on Overpopulation Paper These 3 men proved their self-lessened, sincerity, and their caring TOWARDS the people of America. These 3 men showed us that with a little effort from everyone, there can be sunshine the next day. These 3 men decided to write about the darkest, deepest of situations only to have all of us, and everyone else become knowledgeable of the issues of overpopulation. These three men chose to take time out of their lives to attempt to help our nation and the lives of you and me. These 3 men help make possible the fresh air we breath, the availability of lean water to cleanse ourselves, the roofs we have over our head, just because they took the time to announce the problems with overpopulation. Because of these 3 men we have freedom to do With our lives as we choose. If these 3 men did not take the time to explain the severity of the problems, we eventually would have restricted choices. If these 3 men did not take the time to educate the people we would have no preparation for a single problem that may arise from overpopulation, this would mean utter chaos. Our nation has controlled population and prevented he problems that could have happened, now we must maintain that pride for our future generations as these three men did for us. Because of our control over population, our nation has given us the best of both worlds. We can not even imagine how life would be anywhere else; maybe it would be like living on the streets, or even in a gutter. Because our nation has such control, many people take our freedom for advantage. People need to appreciate each and everything given to us, from the chair you sit in now, to the heart that is beating in your chest. People need to appreciate that they can wake up in the morning to arrive at their job, or even at school. People need to appreciate the fact that we do not have restricting laws telling us how many children we are allowed to have, that we do not have authorities regulating our everyday decisions. People need to appreciate the education that is available for the youth today. People need to appreciate that we have the free will to voice our opinion, to vote in elections, to protest against events that we may disagree with. These are only a few of the freedoms that are taken advantage of, only cause people dont imagine how life would be without them. These 3 men not only care for themselves, not only for the people, but also for our environment. These 3 men have shown to the people that they once again are self-lessened, sincere, and caring for people like you and me. Therefore in appreciation of such, we need to take their words to heart and do something about it. Our society and environment may be fine as we look around today, but if we do not take a serious look at the problems that may come from overpopulation now; we will have but no choice later.

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Tourism in morocco and how americans see morocco as a touristic Essay

Tourism in morocco and how americans see morocco as a touristic destination - Essay Example Notably, the same trend was visible in the case of Americans too. As Kiesnoski (2008) points out, there was a 30% rise in the number of American tourists to Morocco on an annual basis since 2008 and it seems that America has been hostile to Morocco all along. However, the situation is improving due to a number of reasons. As such, this paper seeks to critically evaluate the perceptions held by the Americans towards this country and the measures that can be implemented by Morocco in order to attract American tourists. Basically, Morocco is different from the other Middle East nations as a result of different cuisine and traditions. Morocco has the relics of Arab, French, Spanish and Portuguese traditions. As a result of these favorable conditions one can see that the nation is not as calamitous as its Middle East neighbors. Admittedly, Morocco has relatively good relations with the U.S. from the 1950s and the US Government has been working along with the Moroccan authorities to improve the lives of Moroccans. While other nations were turned upside down by citizens calling for revolution, and as the rulers of those nations retorted with military and weapon resulting in mass killings, Morocco witnessed peaceful agitations which are legally allowed and a peaceful referendum from the King offering limited monarchic power. Coskun (2011) posits to the effect that another important point is that unlike other Islamic nations which want to end the rule of monarchs, the majority of the electorate in Morocc o expressed total trust in the King. Thus, according to The Financial Times (2011) report, by adopting a constitutional monarchy like that of Spain or the UK, which is politically open and economically liberal, Morocco stands farther ahead of its Arab companions. Morocco always attracted different types of tourists due to its diversity in cultural tourism it offered. Tourists to Morocco get a chance to experience the various languages, cultures, dresses, and lifestyles

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EVENT PLANNER Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

EVENT PLANNER - Assignment Example With my goal of starting and running an event planning business, I have decided to pick an organization in the same business category of event planning and design. The organization I will be reviewing is known as Joyful Occasions. It is an event planning and design firm located in Columbus, GA 31901. The company is a â€Å"multi-faceted, full-service event planning company that offers services throughout Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina† (Eventective, 2013). The company’s primary market area includes planning, styling and catering for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, business lunches and office parties, military retirement parties, hail and farewells among other events (Joyful Occasions, 2013). I currently do not have a direct link to the company and their services; however, I have vast interest in their line of business as I have mentioned. Being a medium sized business that serves a wide region Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina, information about the comp any can easily be outsourced from their website and their customer care hotline or inquiry email address, which are readily available on their website. I will utilize these essential tools in gathering information about the organization. Business Process A business process refers to related activities that generate or produce a particular product or service, with the main aim being to satisfy the customer. In running a business, there are three key business processes that ensure continuous productivity of an organization whether profit or non-profit making. These processes include management, operational, and supporting processes (Harmon, 2007). Under these three categories of business processes, many other processes can be established depending on the service or product at hand. When an organization is significantly large, it becomes necessary to adapt new strategies to manage these processes. It is for this reason that adopting Business Process Management (BPM) becomes necessary. As stated by Jeston and Nelis, (2008) â€Å"achieving an organization’s objectives requires improvement, management, and control of essential business processes. Event Planning Event planning is an operational level business process aimed at creating the core business or primary service offered by event planning and catering organizations. In relation to Joyful Occasions, the main objective in event planning is to turn peoples’ dreams into reality. This is achievable by ensuring that they do not feel the stressful and tiring experience of organizing and managing their events. They therefore, get to enjoy their special occasions or work experiences while exhibiting their unique personality and style (Joyful Occasions, 2013). Event planning is a process that can be broken down into several steps from the beginning of the process to the end. These stages include Pre-planning At this stage, information is gathered about the event including the pur pose, size of the event, audience, client requirements and realistic expectation of the event. Planning This is the most important stage as it paints the real picture of what is required for the event and what is going to happen at the event. At this stages, budget is created, formal documentation are prepared, locate the venue and establish a contract

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Marketing plan and analysis of Al Hilal foods

Marketing plan and analysis of Al Hilal foods The brand has great opportunity to grow in cities other than Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad and Multan as they have created much credibility in big cities of Pakistan. 11 Also it has opportunity to GO GLOBAL. Customers outside Pakistan have more loyal behavior towards Pakistani products so there is a chance for this brand to grow globally. 11 Threats: 11 3.Understand the construction of a marketing plan 12 3.1 Produce the marketing plan for your organization 12 Executive summary: 12 Current market situation: 13 SWOT analysis: 13 Objectives and issues: 14 Marketing strategy: 14 Action programs: 15 Controls: 15 3.2 Risk in marketing plan and Mitigation strategies: 15 Risks: 15 Mitigation strategies: 15 3.3 Importance of each component of the plan: 16 4.Understand to Promote the Marketing Plan in Support of Strategic Objectives 16 4.1 How the plan supports strategic objective: 16 Plans of Fresher and their support to objectives: 16 4.2 Outline an approach to gain agreement of the marketing plan: 17 5.Conclusion 17 6.References 19 Introduction to Al-Hilal Foods Al-Hilal foods is a Pakistani company owned by Mr. Ch. Farrukh Sattar. The organization exited about 10 to 15 years ago. At that time it made only one product line i-e Sultan Ghee. After flourishing in that field it introduced its new product line i-e 100% pure juices a brand named as FRESHER in 2009. The brand flourished in just one year through WORD OF MOUTH marketing strategy and gave a tough competition to other big brands like Nestle, Minute Maid etc. Al-Hilal is listed a listed company. Fresher was first introduced in 5 flavors that are Mango Guava Peach Strawberry Orange After fabulous success of these all flavors Fresher introduced a new flavor called FALSA. As Fresher gained success within period of only one year they introduced new brands in 2010 names BOOMER and COOLER. Boomer is a fizzy drink and has 3 flavors Orange Lemon Cola While Cooler has 4 flavors that are Apple Orange Pineapple Grapes The Fresher company is working hard day by and moving forward in the field of 100% pure juices. Mission: Their mission is to promote locally. Vision: Their vision is prosperity of Pakistan. ( Ref. 7) Understand How The Marketing Plan Supports Strategic Objective 2.1 Explain how the strategy of your organization Impacts Upon marketing planning: Strategy: Strategy is a long term actions/plans which are made by some organization to achieve their peculiar targets/goals. (Ref- 1) According to Michael Porter the strategy is all about the mixture of different activities which are differentiated from competitors to pronounce unique mix of value. To him its all about differentiating yourself from customers as well as competitors. (Ref-2) Without a strategy the organization is like a ship without a rudder, going around in circles Joel Ross Michael Kami Marketing strategy: A marketing strategy is a process or model to allow a company or organization to focus limited resources on the best opportunities to increase sales and thereby achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. (Ref-3) The set of objectives which an organization allocates to its marketing function in order to support the overall corporate strategy, together with the broad methods to achieve these objectives Chartered institutes of marketing The above two examples show that , marketing strategy is actually the strategy that support overall corporate and which a company has to use efficiently to market its products on best opportunities while converging the limited resources to achieve its goal. Marketing planning: Marketing planning is a logical sequence and a series of activities leading to the setting of marketing objectives and the formulation of plans for achieving them (Ref-4) Now we can interrelate all the above terms with the help of diagram below. Business Goals Market Strategy Marketing Mix Marketing Plan The above diagram shows that an organization has to set business goals which are actually the target of company or mission statement. The next level comes of marketing strategy which is esteemed rule that company has acquired to market their products. After establishing the market strategy company moves forward towards marketing mix in which it define the whole marketing mix i-e Product, Pricing, Place and Distribution. Afterwards the process of writing of marketing plans comes in which company has to describe the whole market activities which are used to acquire business goals. (Ref-3) 2.2 Impacts of strategy on marketing planning: Under this heading the strategies of organization will be discussed and the impacts of that strategies on the marketing of organization will be noticed. What effect that strategies will throw on organizations long run and short run will also be discussed. Here we are talking about Fresher marketing plans. As described earlier it is a Pakistani local company that is making 100% pure juices and this is one of the marketing strategy of Fresher that make it distinguishes from others. The company has many competitors in the same line of 100% pure juices i-e Nestle, Shezan, Minute Maid etc. But the Fresher is successful yet to maintain the no. 1 position in the brands of 100% pure juices. And also Fresher is successful to maintain its positioning against Nestle and other strong brands like Minute Maid. The benefit what Fresher will get due to this strategy is that competitors are not attaching it from all the sides. Only fresh juice companies are interested to attach its strategies. It has no concern with any other product line of competitors. Another strategy of Fresher is that they are using PET BOTTLES instead of juice boxes which made their product easy to use for the customers and the look of their brand product is totally different from others. They are also using SHRINK WRAPS for the packaging of their products. The one more thing that makes their product discriminate is tags hanged with the bottle of juice on which a little description of brand and ingredients are written. These tags make the look of the product more elegant and it again helps to make a strong positioning of the brand. The promotion strategy that Fresher following is WORD OF MOUTH. They are using any other strong promotion strategy which again differentiate the brand from others in market. But as they are not focusing the advertisement strategy now when they that much stabled in market, they can spoil their positioning as well. Fresher has strong distribution strategy which has been helping the brand to be strong so far i-e they used ROLL OUT strategy of distribution. They started the distribution of their product from their own city and then they spread it in other cities with the passage of time when they had grown enough in the market. The strategy has a benefit that other strong competitors like Nestle, Minute Maid etc didnt notice such small brand and didnt take action for that. In the meanwhile Fresher entered in the market and had got a strong market positioning. Fresher had got another benefit of this strategy that is they maintained their resources with it. They started distributing their product in their city only and when they have earned enough money they spread it over other cities of Pakistan as well. 2.3 Component parts of a marketing plan: Parts/Categories with which a marketing plan is made up of are called components of marketing plan. Here the heading will elaborate all of its parts one by one. Executive Summary: It is the first component of the marketing plan which explains the summary of the whole marketing plan for the quick review by the management of the company. Mostly three issues are mentioned in this part. The Challenge Challenge consists of a little elaboration of product for which marketing plan is made and the summary of goals such as sales figures and strategic goals.. Company Analysis Company analysis mostly consists of the answers to following questions What are goals of the company? To what thing it focuses more? What are the strengths of that company? From what culture it belongs? What are weaknesses of the company? And in what market shares it exists? etc. Competitor Analysis In competitors analysis a short report about competitors weaknesses, strengths, market position and market shares is presented. (Ref-5) Current marketing situation: Its a marketing audit which shows the current market situation of the company by comparing it with the past situation of its own and with the market situation of competitors. It presents data about the market, product, competition and distribution. SWOT analysis: SWOT analysis is basically the analysis in which strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to the product (to be marketed) are given to have a complete look on companys analysis. The firms internal environment presents strength and weaknesses while external provides opportunities and threats. Objective and issues: This heading defines the objectives of company in different areas such as market share, sales, profit etc. Also this category will deal with all the issues and problems that effect these objectives. Marketing strategy: In this category a marketing strategy or approach is recommended to achieve the particular objective. It is the main and important part of marketing strategy structure. The strategies will elaborate the marketing mix (product, price, distribution, promotion) as well. Action programs: In this step a report is given about details of marketing strategy. The report answers such questions like how will all plan start? Who will do it? What will be the cost of all plan? Etc. Controls: Indicates how the progress of the plan will be monitored. 2.4 Risks and advantages in the devised marketing plan: Risks: Fresher is having a big threat in the market due to its lack of advertisement strategy now when it has gain that much credibility. Other competitors in the market has built strong image through their advertisement promotion strategy. Now it is the time when Fresher might think of making a strong and highly attractive advertisement to throw behind all the competitors. Fresher is not having a properly educated team of employees and it dont have proper departments such as HR department, RD department, Marketing department etc. So the employees working in the competitors firm are more competent and they can make proper decision at proper time. Fresher has to work on it as well. It may form a proper team so that they can compete in the leading market. As Fresher employees are not that educated in their particular field, they have disagreement in the selection of strategies. This is the major risk for the Fresher in the market as it can lead to fall of the company. Advantages: Fresher has specialized workers only in the field of making juices. Their worker knows the formula and they are best trained workers in juice making as they have to make only one product line at one time and they concentrate fully on it while competitors of Fresher have more than one product line so their workers have less command on juice making. The earlier promotion strategy of Fresher (word of mouth strategy) is quite impressive as no competitor can concentrate on upcoming new brand in this way. It gave Fresher to expand rapidly in market. The different packaging of Fresher bottle made them different and they expand undoubtedly in the fresh juice market. The biggest advantage to Fresher was the introduction of 100% fresh juice first in the market which make them differentiate from the competitors and thus they expand rapidly. 2.5 SWOT analysis of Fresher Juices: The company is new in market and has no good setup so they have not worked on their SWOT analysis by themselves. I made its SWOT analysis by my own conclusions and analysis of the company. Here are some strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for the company. Strengths: They have short brand name which a basic strength of Fresher. Brand name is thus easy to remember by customers so its demand in market increases. And it is also flourishing in middle and low class segmentation of customers (as the customers in such classes are mostly uneducated) just because of its short brand name and easy memorizing quality. Short brand name also creates word of mouth easily. The highest market share in the product line of 100% pure juices is gained by Fresher. It has best attractive packaging of its juice bottles so far that is a main strength and attraction of customers towards this brand. Its availability is much good as compared to other brands in the market. Weaknesses: The brand is new in the market so it is not financially strong as compared to competitors. It will take some time to become financially strong for which it has to strong its marketing. Advertisement is weak and now when the brand has earned much credibility its essential for it to make powerful advertisement to make it more strong and reliable as brand has less or near to no TVC recall. Positioning is the major weak point of the brand. They have to make it strong to further grow in the market. Opportunities: The brand has great opportunity to grow in cities other than Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad and Multan as they have created much credibility in big cities of Pakistan. Also it has opportunity to GO GLOBAL. Customers outside Pakistan have more loyal behavior towards Pakistani products so there is a chance for this brand to grow globally. They can launch more brands as well which is again a great opportunity for the company to grow. Threats: Fresher has promoted its products only through word of mouth so its a great threat for it. Other competitors that are promoting their products through advertisement and other strategies of promotion can gain more repute. If a pre-established brand of outside the country launches its product here in Pakistan, there would be a great threat for Fresher as it is a new brand here. The strengths and weaknesses come from internal origin of organization while opportunities and threats come from external origin of organization. Helpful to achieving goals Harmful to achieving goals Strengths: Short brand name Highest market share Packaging strength Availability strength Weaknesses: Financially weak Weak advertisement Weak positioning Opportunities: Growth in small cities of Pak Go global Launch more brands Threats: Lack of promotion strategies Other brands Understand the construction of a marketing plan 3.1 Produce the marketing plan for your organization Executive summary: Challenges: The companys product is 100% pure juices and its target customers are mainly diet conscious people, children, upper class, upper middle class and middle class society. But it can also target to lower class customers easily as juice is a thing which a normal person use in everyday life. The product is already differentiated from others because it falls in 100% pure juice category. And Fresher was the first to start this category in Pakistan. Company analysis: The Fresher is a new company in 100% pure juices product line. The company has high market share due to its previous marketing strategies in which main one is word of mouth through which it was promoted and gained the high market share rank. The companys weaknesses are finance, weak advertisement and weak positioning. Here we are designing some strategies by which its growth rate can increase and it can maintain its market share. It can make its advertisement strong and so its positioning too. Competitors analysis: Freshers competitors are companies who make 100% pure juices like Nestle, Minute Maid etc. Now if we come to Nestle, the company has a big weakness that it is dealing with 100% pure juice as well as nectars on the same time which make their focus diverted to both lines in the same time. While its strength is, it has a strong brand positioning earned by other product lines first. Market share of Nestle is lower than that of Fresher but market position is strong enough. Current market situation: The current market situation of Fresher is going not that bad when we talk about its distribution in big cities. The Fresher has the highest market share in product line of 100% pure juices while all other competitors have left behind. The demand of Fresher is also increasing day by day due to its good taste and flavors. Its giving a tough competition to its competitors in the market. Competitors didnt notice it first because it used only word of mouth marketing strategy first and took benefit of this strategy to achieve its goals. But in promotion the other companies (competitors) are moving forward to it now as it is lacking its interest in promotions. The Fresher has best packaging as well. SWOT analysis: Strengths: Short brand name Highest market share Packaging strength Availability strength Weaknesses: Financially weak Weak advertisement Weak positioning Opportunities: Growth in small cities of Pak Go global Launch more brands Threats: Lack of promotion strategies Other brands Objectives and issues: The main objective of Fresher is to maintain its market share in the line of 100% pure juices. Then it also wants to expand its business in other cities as it is a good opportunity for it to grow more in the market. The increase of sales is required for the increase in profit. To make strength of positioning. Now the main issue is that the other companies in the same product line are also struggling hard to compete the market share of Freshers. The Fresher has to maintain its demand by which it can maintain its market share. The issue concerning the expansion of the brand in other cities is to face the other local brands in those cities. Marketing strategy: Fresher makes following marketing strategies to achieve its goals. Fresher has to focus on advertising strategies such as TVC, radio commercials, Print media ads etc. Ads can be made more attractive by using advertisement marketing strategies such as humor, fun, models or TV actors etc. The attractive the advertisement will be the more the customer will be attracted towards the product. They can use different distribution strategies to promote their brand more e.g they can distribute free samples in the areas where product is not known enough. They can fit stalls in main areas/markets of different cities for the promotion. As children are more attracted towards juices and pure juices are good for their health, they can conduct different activities for children to attract this group of consumers. Also the fresh juices are mostly used by diet conscious people so Fresher can also use the same strategy of activity conductance for these consumers as well. In this way they attract their most targeted customers. All these strategies can help to achieve goals of company. Attractive advertisement and free sample distribution can help to expand business in small cities and activity based strategy can help to increase sales. Hence all these type of strategies can be used to increase sales, increase in profit and to maintain the high market share. Action programs: Now it is turn to plan the actions. Fresher can appoint workers to fulfill these strategies. First of all Fresher has to maintain proper departments such as HRM department, RD department, Marketing department, Finance department and so on like this. Then Fresher has to assign them their duties. Human resources department will manage human resources which are one of the major sources Fresher needs. Marketing department will implement these strategies and will check the results. Finance department will assign finances to each department and make a check and balance on it. Plan can be started from distribution of the products as free samples. So that more and more people in other cities can know about the brand. It will increase sales and profit as well. Now this finance can be invested on advertisement and other strategies and so on. The cost of all the strategies will be planned by finance department and marketing department as these are marketing strategies. Controls: The system cant be effective and efficient until and unless it is supervised and controlled properly. So the control in implement of these strategies is also very important. Here marketing managers of Fresher will be the persons who look after all these things and implement strategies. 3.2 Risk in marketing plan and Mitigation strategies: Risks: Risks in above strategies are only few. As company is not financially strong as compared to its competitors so might it cant afford advertisement expenses. The other risk could be short term effect (which is never been required) of some strategies like activity based strategy etc. Mitigation strategies: If finances do not allow Fresher to make an attractive advertisement then Fresher can go for rank purchasing in commercial complexes like Hyperstar, Metro etc as it costs less than that of advertisement. The benefit of this strategy will be that the people of every targeted market of Fresher can gain knowledge about the product easily. It would be a long term effect of marketing strategy. Activity based strategy would be short term strategy so instead of this we can use another strategy in which Fresher can appoint some of its employees ( sales persons) to sale their product at low price or less profit by going door to door in different colonies of different cities. It could have a long term effect on consumers mind. 3.3 Importance of each component of the plan: First component is executive summary. The summary explain the whole summarize data of the plan in short form so that the reader or to which report is being presented can save his/her time and he/she can found what is written inside the report and whether the report is meaningful or not? The executive summary has a lot of importance in marketing plan as it contains companys challenges, companys analysis and competitors analysis. 2nd component of the plan is current market situation. It is necessary to provide so that a marketer or person who has to act upon the plan should know that at what level the company stands and what level they have to move to increase growth rate of the company. The third component of the plan is SWOT analysis. Mentioning it in the plan in necessary because it helps to analyze the strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats of the business with the help of which a person can make marketing strategies. The forth component of the plan is objectives and issues which explains all the goals and their related problems in plan. The fifth component of the plan is marketing strategies. This is the main step in the plan to which company has to work to achieve goals. The sixth step is action programs. The step is important as it tells that how to implement these strategies and who will implement them and what will be the cost of all strategies. The final step is of control. This is also one of the major step of the plan as it is necessary to tell how to control the whole strategic system and who will control it? Understand to Promote the Marketing Plan in Support of Strategic Objectives 4.1 How the plan supports strategic objective: Plans of Fresher and their support to objectives: Fresher is assigned following plans. Attractive advertisement The attractive advertisement of fresher can attract more and more customers towards the brand which will help to increase the sales. Increasing sales maximize profit and when company earns more profit it will be able to expand its business. The advertisement can help in building strong positioning as it contains slogan and jingles through which an image that is different from its competitors can build up. The better positioning will help to maintain market share. Streghthen positioning, profit maximization, expansion of business Distribution of free samples Again its the marketing strategy that will help to maximize sales when people around will try the samples and will be attracted. Maximize profit will lead expansion of business and strong market share. Activity based marketing Activity based marketing strategy can only help to achieve goals in targeted consumers market by increasing sales at that category of customers. Rank/Shelves booking This strategy can be useful for better positioning of brand as it creates a good image of the brand. The most visible shelves will be booked by Fresher, the more consumers will be attracted towards the brand. Personal sales Again this marketing strategy will increase Freshers sales and its demand and again the profit will be increased. Actually all the strategies are made up to maximize the profit first and then other effects accompany it. 4.2 Outline an approach to gain agreement of the marketing plan: Conclusion In this assignment we learned about strategic marketing, How marketing plans supports strategic objectives, How a marketing plan is constructed and How to promote the marketing plan in support of strategic objective? We chose Fresher, A Pakistani 100% pure juice company and looked upon its marketing strategies, what Fresher is using now and what should it use in future to promote itself more. Fresher is well known company of Pakistan whose marketing system is not that good while it needs a perfect marketing system now when it has gain that much credibility. Though marketing managers are working in the company but company is not showing enough results in this field due to which there are chances of their fall down in future. Fresher is using some excellent marketing strategies such as WORD OF MOUTH, ROLL OUT strategy, SHRINK WRAPS, PET BOTTELS, TAGS, 100% pure juices etc But we suggested some more marketing strategies to them by our own study and analysis. We made a marketing plan in which some marketing strategies were suggested such as ATTRACTIVE ADVERTISEMENT, ACTIVITY BASED PROMOTIONS, SHELVES BOOKING in markets, PERSONAL SALES and DISTRIBUTING FREE SAMPLES to increase its sales and profit. As Fresher has high market share so these strategies will help it to sustain the market share and to increase growth rate of it. At the last we made a marketing plan and saw that how these plans support objectives. We also discussed the SWOT analysis of the company which tell us that company less threats and less weaknesses and more strengths. We also discussed risks regarding strategies but they very low.

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Leadership Task

Analysis of my own leadership skills is a difficult task, and requires me to address my own leadership attitudes and behavior as well as my strength's and weakness's. As I have learned in my readings about the different types of leadership styles I would say that my style of leadership is more off Participative approach. In my work I run a small department of five and to accomplish tasks I must work side by side with my staff. We all are active participants, but outcomes and production is ultimately my responsibility.I like to think that my team is an accumulative effort and by encouraging each person to come up with ideas and to share their opinions is our recipe for success. I have created a group atmosphere that has been productive and consistent over the last 2 years. More importantly in my absence my team functions just an efficiently as if I were present. Much like how I run my office is how I run my family. We too are a group of five and as the kids have gotten older they too have become an active participant in goal achievements. I see a lot of similar traits of how I run my office to how I run my home.It is a collaborative effort. One of my strength s a leader would be my communication skill. I always try to take the time to listen. I feel that hearing what my employee's say is crucial in leading them. Our workspace is setup in a circle where we all work together. I could have one of the large offices one floor up, but instead of taking an office away from them I'm right in the trenches with them. I want them to know that I am always available for them. It is not always easy but by eliminating distractions and focusing my attention on my employees needs, demonstrates to them that I am listening.Another strength that I practice is Leading by Example†. I am the first person in the office every morning, and the last person to leave every night. I want them to know that I am present and available to them whenever they need me. I do not take 2-hour lu nches, play computer games, or sleep at my desk. When a new project comes along I am the first person to take an assignment and my assignments are ALWAYS completed on time. I practice what I expect from them, and always try to lead by example. For a complete self-analysis of my leadership skill I must also address my weakness.For one several people have old me that I am too nice. Part because of my personality and part because I think people are happier working for a manager that they get along with. But because of this trait I may sometimes come off as a pushover and people can be tempted to try to take advantage of our relationship. It is sometimes difficult to find the balance between being a friend and being a boss. I can be tough when necessary and I am working on setting better boundaries with my employees. Another weakness I have is taking on too much myself and not delegating. Some tasks I feel no-one can do as well as I can.For example we have this one large report on a sha red drive that needs to be updated on a regular basis, my team provides me all the numbers, and I enter all the numbers. I think to myself that I must be the most handsomely paid data entry person in the world. This is only one example of my lack of delegating skills. This weakness can sometimes create a bottleneck of work for me whereas I should be spending my time on more pressing matters. Additional it demonstrates lack of confidence and fails to develop my team into future leaders. I have been in a position tenure were a disaster. I had a high turnover rate and a low production rate.I would say that early in my position I used an autocratic approach that Just did not work for me. These types of leaders keep close supervision of employees and have a purely professional relationship with their staff. They make decisions on their own without input from others. They dictate the who, how and when of work assignments. When I think about Autocratic leadership I equate that too micro- m anager. When it was me, I spent more time watching them then working on my own assignments. Not very productive and it was too stressful for me. Another type of leadership style is the delegated.As previously stated this would be very difficult for me to be. This leader assigns work and leave's an employee to their own talents and resources to complete tasks. The employee can come and go as they wish as long as assignments or tasks are completed and turned in on time. Because outcomes are my responsibility I need to be involved in tasks, I need to know that things are on schedule and getting done. By being an active participant helps me to reduce my stress and be more in control. By having a better understand of different types of dervish styles helps me to be a more productive leader in a couple different ways.By taking away qualities from other styles of leadership help me to become a better- rounded leader. First it reminds me how I use to feel earlier in my position. I was stres sed out, tense, abrupt, and totally ineffective. I realize that the autocratic style of leadership definitely has its place and may be effective for others; however it is not the approach that works for me. I am much happier by having a relationship with my employee. I feel it is important to connect personally with those that you spend 40 lust hours every week with. I like to work with people and not have people work for me.Different leadership styles can cause conflicts in the workplace. For example a problem that can arise in the work place could be a personality conflict. An example of this is when new management comes on board and different personalities and leadership styles are introduced. Change is never easy; establish if it is thrust upon you. Another conflict that can occur is often due to emotion and perceptions about somebody else's intentions. This can occur for example when a leader showing favoritism for one employee over another. One of the worst things you can do t o lose the respect of your subordinates by not being fair.Respect is paramount to achieve success. There are a couple of ways to overcome personality conflicts in the workplace. For one is to take the time to get to know your employees. By getting to know them, you are letting them get to know you. It is a win, win situation. Another way to avoid conflict especially if you are a new manager coming into a situation is by being clear about the direction and changes you have planned. Honesty and immunization are key to conflict resolution. An always remember the best way to prevent personality conflict in the workplace, is to not take things personally.It is Just business, not personal. Fairness is of the utmost importance when dealing with teams. Favoritism has no place at work and if a manager demonstrates that they will not have the trust of their employees. Trust is a major issue, and to build trust you must be impeccable with your word. By again communicating clearly goals and obj ectives and being consistent with your follow through is a good start to build trust. But if it needs to be said, I'll say it, don't show any favoritism! It will be detrimental to the success of a team and all should be treated equally.Although we are all different, there are potential advantages that may be created between different leadership styles. An effective manager will recognize when to use which leadership style in order to produce results. An autocratic leader makes it own decisions without any input from others and this could be beneficial when a new direction or a drastic change is necessary. When timing is crucial and decisions need to be made this leadership style has its advantages. A delegating approach to leadership is the polar opposite and will assign task, provide necessary resources, and guidance, but backs off and let the team work at their own pace.This style would be advantageous if you work with a group that is highly effective, experienced, and motivated. Then there is the participative approach to leadership that is somewhere in the middle of autocratic and delegating styles. This leader is very hands on and works with the team by building morale and most effective if demodulating is an issue. By empowering them to be part of the decision making recesses the employee feels important and can motivate them to go above and beyond what is expected of them.To increase productivity you can capitalize on the different styles of leadership based on the individual situations. If you are in a position where decisions have to be made quickly, use the autocratic style of leadership. This style of leadership can also be a benefit if your work is particularly stressful. This can allow a person to concentrate on doing their Job and not worry about making decision. Utilizing a delegating approach allows a leader to capitalize n individual employee's strength and talents to increase productivity.This style allows for flexibility and better collabora tion. In a participative style of leadership this encourages employees to share or participate in the decision making process. Which gives the employee a vested interest in their work and can benefit productivity. Rather than sticking to one type of leadership approach evaluate the circumstances and adjust your style. The best leaders can adjust their thinking to how it is most beneficial at different times, remembering that productivity depends on effective leadership.

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Family Counseling Approach Research Paper Essay

Family Counseling Approach Research PaperLiberty University Abstract Family counseling is a concept that is aimed at relating with couples as well as families who are in relationships considered as intimate. This helps to foster and facilitate development changes as it gives viewpoints of transformation as a way of relations among members of a family. Family counseling has a mission for all relationships in a family setting to be healthy psychologically he or she must have good family relationships. This is also referred to as family therapy (Goldenberg Goldenberg, 2013). The way in which family counseling is conducted has its roots from a rather theoretical approach which brings out a common position regarding the practice and theory of counseling. However for this reason there exist several important roles of therapy in counseling that consists of various dissimilar approaches. In a particular theory, the different viewpoints have a similar foundation based on the fact that they sh are particular fundamental characteristics which differentiate from the outlooks in other dissimilar theories (Goldenberg Goldenberg, 2013). The humanistic theory, psychodynamic theory and cognitive behavior related theory are the three most common theories known to have the most impact on a family in counseling. Amongst these three theories this paper will explore and explain family counseling approach of the Psychoanalytic therapy and its approach (Goldenberg Goldenberg, 2013). This paper will also explain five commonly used family therapy theories which are strategic, systematic, intergenerational, structural, and experiential. This will paper also give biblical views to the psychodynamic theory and its biblical approach (Goldenberg Goldenberg, 2013). Family Counseling Approach One major approach of family therapy is that of the psychoanalytic family therapy. This view point argues that there exists both subjective and objective interdependence among people who are deemed to be a family. The objective interdependence occurs as a result of the hierarchy generation among generations and the division of labor within the involved subjects (Stierlin, Helm, 1977). This approach was born as a result of various studies that were conducted. At some time, there arose some difficulties in relation to handling the health of the well-being of certain patients and this made therapists take concern on these specific families, in which was seen as pathogenic. However, for those families the patients examinations  were carried out and the precise modes of the functionality of the findings was observed and highlighted. Researchers therefore carried out some studies in order to illustrate the type of communication present among members of the family (Stierlin, Helm, 1977). This information retrieved from researchers was found to be very helpful in further studies it was used in system family psychoanalysis. However the studies on groupings were carried out in a field of psycho sociology and from a psychoanalytic stand point it anticipated new thoughts, for instance it explored the grouping mentality, inter-fantasizing, and the grouping conveyance (Stierlin, Helm, 1977). Psychoanalysts used a group of families that comprise of members with a similar life they used families from the past and present life for these experimental purposes. Scholar Freud recommended the conception of telepathic apparatus to give an explanation for the being of psychological aspects related with this apparatuss capacity to allocate and change telepathic power (Papp Shirk, 1994). Making use of this apparatus, Ren faked the model of grouping psychic apparatus, which he describes as an efficacious and intermediary fiction which is on the outlook for becoming an actual building o f a solid group (Stierlin, Helm, 1977). Based on this, therapists in the family line conceptualized a family unit grouping intellectual equipment that started off archaically in the persons intuitive and the extrasensory details of the Trans generational custom (Stierlin, Helm, 1977). Due to this combination, there was creation of an insensible psychic origin, universal to family members who comprised of the group. This induced a sense of belonging experience which came with a sensation of familiarity (Stierlin, Helm, 1977). Desires of individuals were reflected on the line of psychic this however was where they got their content from. The FPA, family psychic apparatus is a contradictory co-construction created from the basics of inner group sensation of every member of the family, in addition to rudiments of a universal psyche as well as of the societal group. FPA as a class entails the sexual character of the tasks dynamic in family relationships (Stierlin, Helm, 1977). In psychoanalysis, this intuitive association of the family collection was taken in around the outline projected by the therapist. The psychoanalyst makes certain psychic safety, permitting the employment of the remedial procedure during the open expression necessary for the steadiness of tempora ry situations, the verity  that the period of the treatment is not known prior, and the rule of self-restraint (Stierlin, Helm, 1977). In their interpretation and involvement psychoanalysts focused particularly on a family group, this part was based on the transfer/counter-transfer. However, family psychotherapy calls for preface effort to permit the family grouping to agree to this extraordinary state of affairs. Maurice Berger according to Stierlin Helm, (1977) came up with a new theoretic-clinical part, in which suggestion to the collection of people and to psychiatric therapy was set aside (Stierlin, Helm, 1977). Berger studied the Winnicotian models, and came up with the assumption that the structure of the model was not known in advance by the psychoanalysts, although it had to been created in the company of the family, however at that time his opinion of therapy was denied and avoided (Stierlin, Helm, 1977). The teaching of family psychoanalysts needs a private psychoanalysis, although it is essential to enclose psychoanalytical understanding with associates of an individuals own relations but it is still free to deliberate (Stierlin, Helm, 1977). Family therapy supplies an objective production of the main conceptual underpinnings and medical actions bein g practiced in the field. When modern and traditional approaches to family counseling are presented together with techniques and perspectives, relevant and useful content emerges that helps those in this specific field. These techniques and perspectives also work as a guide for students taking this study to become better family therapists (Goldenberg Goldenberg, 2013).A theory is described as putting together verified observed occurrences into various fundamental principles. These are measure of how effective a theory is when it produces confirmed forecasts in the occasion when appropriate experimental data is composed (Goldenberg Goldenberg, 2013). According to Goldenberg Goldenberg (2013) there are many times in the field of counseling that a theory receives either certification or confirmation as an indicator of its accuracy of how it actualities and strengthens the families circle. In the context of family counseling, the family therapy and counseling serves the purposes of creating research, creating languages as well as making a theoretical frame work (Goldenberg Goldenberg, 2013). Therapists must make good just decisions on how to perceive and understand the clients that their counseling, thi s must be done in a manner in which a counselor knows how to handle clients needs as wellas how to answer them on a step to step basis during therapy and during their counseling   sessions (Goldenberg Goldenberg, 2013). Theories offer counselors ideas that permit them to think analytically on issues of human growth and healing progression. Therapy and counseling theories may be observed as having four chief scopes where they too can be adequately acknowledged. These dimensions include the assumption used by the theory, a justification of the attainment of unhelpful and obliging behavior, a justification of how to maintain the identified behavior and a justification on how to aid the clients to transform their behavior and merge their achievements at the end of counseling session (Goldenberg Goldenberg, 2013). The most commonly used family therapy theories are strategic, systematic, intergenerational, structural, and experiential. Systematic family counseling theory has the basic viewpoint as a family should cooperate and work communally taking the problems faced by an individual as a problem to the entire family (Goldenberg Goldenberg, 2013). It is for this reason that therapists depending on this theory ensure that members of a family constantly interact among themselves as this helps in developing the types of relati ons present in the family as well as how every member identify the others (Goldenberg Goldenberg, 2013). After observing the interaction, the therapists then need bring in character to role and demonstrate to clients and member of how to deal with various problems in different ways. When the family members get to perform such actions blame game is avoided and they are in a position to experience life in a family setting together (Guttman, 1991). Structural family therapy theories employ connections and watching of kins structures to establish on the tribulations that call for special attention and change. The counselor turns out to be straightforwardly involved and may possibly operate as a member of the family in order to aid in performing communication (Goldenberg Goldenberg, 2013). Analysis of family communication is required to recognize crisis areas and generate a way out to permit the family entity to keep away from misapprehension and oral barriers. A number of key techniques applied in this family psychoanalysis practice are reframing, distortment, reorganization, and acting out (Goldenberg Goldenberg, 2013). Experiential therapy puts some emphasis on discharging sincere feelings, talking about the present, and satisfying ones tasks. This works a great deal in avoiding  the blame game as well as reducing chances of emotional problems which are known to cause stress at home. There are many supplementary family therapy suppositions, and clients can go through more than one prior to getting a therapy that works for the family unit (Napier, Whitaker, 1978). Broad studies have been conducted on nearly all of these theories, and clients should delve into curriculums to settle on which one may well be most appropriate for their exact family issues (Goldenberg Goldenberg, 2013). Strategic therapy is regularly applied in order to handle an individuals problems by using the members of his or her family. Counselors who employ strategic family therapy theories are concerned in the interpersonal skills, background of the family, in addition to association dynamics. A number of methods entail scheming a genogram, this in which permits the clients and the counselors to build a family hierarchy (Goldenberg Goldenberg, 2013). W hen counselors are trying to establish the cause of particular problem, knowing information of the extended family as well as immediate relations can work a great deal during the counseling process (Goldenberg Goldenberg, 2013). Similar to strategic therapy, intergenerational family psychotherapy theories are also based on a transfer process in which feelings, stress, and conducts are transmitted from age group to age group, from the above theories, the theory of choice is the experiential therapy that stresses on actualization, growth, choice, self-determination and freedom. It is different with the other theories that this one describes that once various methods are applied, they occur from the counselors perceptive and impulsive reaction to the existing situations then and are made in a way that boosts the awareness of the patients of the potential they possess as well as open ways of relatives relations (Napier, Whitaker, 1978). On the other hand, its similarity with the other theories emphasizes on the importance of closeness between the counselor and client to achieve better results. Nearly all theories pinpoint this as the whole process of family counseling is an interactive session (Napier, Whitaker, 1978). There is a theory that I thought stood out amongst the rest, intergenerational family counseling theory, there is truly a way in which behavior, anxiety and emotions can be transmitted from one generation to another (Napier, Whitaker, 1978). In the past this had not occurred to me that definitely this could happen but now with the knowledge of the intergenerational theory, it has certainly  occurred to me that if these theories are applied correctly they can be used in my future counseling career (Goldenberg Goldenberg, 2013). Before changing specifically into how I would integrate my faith in family counseling approach, it is fundamental to appreciate how religion and spiritual ethics have appeared to be integrated into psychoanalysis in the recent times (Hathaway, 2005). A certain association concerned in this practice is the Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling, which is a part of the American Counseling Association. This was created out of an amalgamation of several organizations, which had a common need of wanting to handle topics and questions of the ways in which counseling integrates religion (Miranti, 2010). In general, ASERVICs function is to guide the counselors already in the field and teach them to integrate ethical, religious and spiritual principles into their operations. My faith is Christianity and therefore in this section, I will give my views on the Christian perspective to family counseling. In this study my faith in God is developing as an ever-changi ng way to a positive life, as well as a optimistically oriented concentration directing to anothers own troubled life, The Christian family counselor is an individual who is based in the biblical ethical structure, and who tries to help other people, in their aspirations, in efforts of restructuring their family according to the framework (Hagedorn, 2005). This kind or restructuring will entail pinpointing the issues not resolved from the original family and coming up with ways to deal with them by evaluating patterns among generations and handling the bondages in generations, assisting in the cognitive reorganization of the unreasonable thinking trends of the family (Hagedorn, 2005). I believe that God is real and he can do anything but fail, there is people in this world that is only for self, money and evil, They come in all shapes and sizes and these people reside in every profession that we can think of. During these last eight weeks I have learned a lot about many different theories of counseling, I have learned about their approaches there meanings and how they was intergraded, but however, until this paper I never learned how God was intergraded into these theories or what purpose did he serve in making these theorist successful intergrading these theories. I feel that the students need the biblical views as well as the knowled ge of these theories in this class. Sometimes just to know that God  and that Godly people are there means a whole lot to a person that has been through hell and high water. I have learned that Counseling and Psychology from a Christian stand point deals with the core and the nature of man. We as counselors need to be aware that struggle of our clients is real in this profession it is not about us. it is about our clients and their families. This is why God is very much needed in this profession. When we are counseling our clients the methodology must be consistent with a theological interpretation of man and mans social context. God cannot and will not allow us as counselors to choose goals or methods to achieve certain goals that will violate the Biblical principles of his holy words (Hagedorn, 2005). In addition, I will make an effort to apply the patient identified theory as well as include the entire family in which the client comes from to make client session a success. My biblical view of this approach is that psychoanalysts family is seen as an entity to God and is grounded on togetherness because what affects one individual, affects the whole family (Richards, Bergin, 2005). The entire family in this case may not specifically refer to only the nuclear family bu t also to the extended family as well. This viewpoint coincides with my faith, As a Christian we are taught to take care of one another and more so love your neighbor as love yourself. When conducting therapy and counseling family members with problems, I feel that there it is a Godly way of extending the love and care for one another. Also, when carrying out the therapy, I aim at ensuring that the problems of my clients are well handled and to the best of my ability the problem is in remission to be solved. I believe that there is a Christian way of handling issues as it signifies keeping an eye on our Godly brothers and sisters. Research has verified that a well-built Christian belief assists lots of believers to courageously handle the difficulties of life. It is for this reason that I believe that incorporating Christian faith in counseling sessions is helpful to clients and there immediate families. In my approach, I plan to be fair firm and consistent with all my clients, this comes of the spirit, soul, body, and the eight main conditions, and the supernatural supremacy of God are all incorporated. First, listening to the particular patient and family members is the key for the purposes of initial assessment. I would then begin Genogram and come up with a therapy and diagnosis plan (Hagedorn, 2005). On a Chri stian  perceptive, the plan should be made in consultation with the parties involved who in this case include family members and the identified patient. According to my Christian faith a family is a unit made up of husband, wife and their children, either their own or adopted ones. Other than the nuclear family, the Bible also recognizes the extended family that is comprised of relatives who are related either by marriage or by blood (Hagedorn, 2005). It is evident that when God asked Cain where his brother Abel was he responded by asking whether he was his brothers keeper. This implies that God wants us to be our brothers keeper. That is why I would incorporate this in the counseling sessions by involving all family members while handling the problems of one of them. I would then do a complete genogram for the patient and then come up with a listing of the sufferings of the patient (Hagedorn, 2005). During my session, I would ensure my client that he or she will get to learn me, and feel that he or she can trust me as well. According to Christian faith, is good to help a person improve their life. By identifying the problems, this will work a great deal in knowing exactly what is bothering the patient. From a systemic viewpoint, the relatives and therapists mu st identify and bear in mind that the relatives, the entire, is superior to the character parts (Gold, 2010). While applying this approach, I would integrate my Christian faith by understanding and focusing on some three critical factors. These include rules, roles and relationships (Kostenberger, Johns, 2004). By concentrating on the connection among the family members, I would not only be seeking to help the communication among them and acknowledgment of one anothers opinions and mind-sets, but also intending to establish a room where advancement can more easily be realized. After this, I would conduct a session of acceptance or what is known as assertiveness training. Then, lasting solutions will be provided of the various pinpointed problems. If for instance the problems of the patient include addiction, anxiety, depression and guilt and shame, I would give a lasting solution for each. In depression, I would ensure that the client will not only stop experiencing pain and incidences of hopelessness but also will experience happiness which is the lasting solution (Richards, Bergin, 2005). For shame and guilt, the patient will not only learn to grant forgiveness to them but will also gain knowledge of how to forgive others for future purposes. In anxiety, I will not only calm the patient down but  also ensure that he or she acquires a peace of mind thereafter. For addition which is affecting most people nowadays, the patient will not only get sober but will also become as whole. While handling the patient, I would consider at Thrive that he or she is not a disorder but a person (Grimm, 1994). The Christian faith teaches that we are beautiful and acceptable to the eyes of the Beholder and that serve to God is like service to man. It is for this reason that the approach in use does not view patients as a set of symptoms or just a chance to make money but it views the client like any other human being. Lastly, the morals of love and forgiveness, which are fundamental standards of Christianity, are fundamental to the family counseling. This means love of the family members to the affected individual in all manner of ways (Hagedorn, 2005). I would there apply that by ensuring that the relatives of the affected party get to understand the importance of loving that individual and not discriminating him or her. By doing this, he or she feels accepted to the world at large. As for forgiveness, as earlier mentioned the individual should be taught to forgive themselves and the relatives should learn to forgive the identified individual in situations where he or she may have done a wrong to either of them. These Christian values can therefore be integrated in family counseling approach. As for the integration section ab ove, one conclusion that can be drawn is that it is possible for one to integrate Christian faith values and principles while using the various counseling approaches. Conclusion In conclusion I have learned that this study focused on the selected approach of psychoanalyst and experiential therapy theory although the results of this integration section can be used to examine other approaches and theories as well. However, therapists and counselors worldwide should consider integrating their faith/religion while handling patients and their families. This is important as it helps those in the counseling area of expertise serve the patients better and professionally to make them better than they were before. References: Evans, J., Evans, K. (2007).Marriage on the rock. Ventura, CA Regal Books. Gold, J. M. (2010). Counseling and spirituality Integrating spiritual and clinical orientations. Upper Saddle River, NJ Pearson Education Inc. Goldenberg, H., Goldenberg, I. (2013). Family therapy An overview (8th Ed.). Pacific Grove, CA Brookes/Cole. Grimm, D. W. (1994). Therapist spiritual and religious values in psychotherapy. Counseling and Values, 38, 165-175. Guttman, H.A. (1991). Systems Theory. Cybernetics and Epistemology. Hagedorn, W. B. (2005). Counselor self-awareness and self-exploration of religious and Spiritual beliefs know thyself. Hathaway, W.L. (2005, August). Preliminary practice guidelines for religious/spiritual issues. Kostenberger, A. J., Johns, D. W. (2004). God, marriage, and family Rebuilding the biblical foundation. Miranti, J. G. (2010). Historical Development of the Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling (ASERVIC). Napier, A., Whitaker, A. (1978). The family crucible The intense experience of family therapy. Papp, P., Shirk, S. R. (1994). The process of change. New York, NY Guilford Press. Stierlin, Helm. (1977). Psychoanalysis and family therapy. New York Jason Aronson. Richards, P. S., Bergin, A. E. (2005). A spiritual strategy for counseling and psychotherapy (2nd Ed.). Washington DC American Psychological Association.